– Extract from NewSell by Michael Hewitt-Gleeson (New York 1984, ISBN 0932648568):

In NewSell, the sale “happens” to the salesperson. It is the prospect who does something to the salesperson, not the other way around. The direction of flow is always from the prospect to the salesperson, passive.

I used to call passive flow the “Studio 54 effect.” At that time a New York disco became internationally famous for the way people (prospects) would do anything to get in. It was an extreme, but very sucessful, example of NewSell. Some say that when Studio first opened, the owner, Steve Rubell, played loud music every night but never let anyone inside. Each night as the crowd outside grew and grew it attracted even more attention. Eventually, when he felt the situation was right, he admitted only the “glitterati”; his success is disco history.



As a thinker, what is the main point about this post, in your own considered opinion?

13 thoughts on “The Studio 54 Effect

  1. If a product or service is attractive enough and correctly packaged the prospect will want it . No amount of trying to get a prospect to buy something which is inferior will have the same effect as getting the above right

  2. Energy flows from prospect to seller, passively happening. Seller creates demand by different and unusual marketing strategies. Seller joins history…yes I like this.

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