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  1. That’s very frightening.
    There have been rumors and talk about this for years, but I believe that the mobile phone companies have tried to suppress the information about this.

    Does using a mobile as a speaker phone mitigsate the danger somewhat ?

  2. Measure the strength of the signal from celll phones, what frequency of unit;what kind of result? Log in…log out(time). ambient signals near large microwave antenna ? How will we make it in space ? Personal armor skin.

  3. I am not Asian nor Black African or of Middle eastern Appearance. I have been in Australia since 1959. I do however have a distinct Irish accent, which in Oz terminology “I talk funny” In other words I am a Pommy whatever that means. I have heard ad nauseum, all the tired jokes, digs and inferences, I have been told to go back to where I came from. Racism has many faces. I have been disadvantaged for being something assumed (irish catholic) when in fact I am an atheist. Barracking for the English cricket team when in fact I am a passionate supporter of the Australian side. I have tried down through the years to educate aussies in distinguishing between U K accents; both national and regional. Now when I am asked “how long have you been here mate. I reply “how old is your granny mate” ˆ luv straya and it eggnitioning. Its the ovasees stewence that git on me nerves, Oh well back to Moonee Ponds

  4. I lost a long time family friend aged 50 died due to a brain tumor (Bruce a multimillionaire found money could not save him) he used his mobile constantly in his office and out on the road talking with everyone involved with his heavy earth-moving business.
    My brother in-law aged 36 also died due to a brain tumor, Greg was an electrician and while it may have had nothing to do with either of their mobile phones. It would seem to be a wise decision to use it like the neurosurgeon did on the video, use it much as possible on speaker phone mode.

  5. I have been saying this all along even fighting battles with the billion dollar mobile industry. My efforts have fallen on deaf years as usual.

    I personally have NEVER owned a mobile phone all my life so far, as I practice what I preach.

    It is a SHAME politicians of this world are not taking this issue seriously.

    Unfortunately money tends to talk in this world and what matters is ionored to their detriment.

  6. I’d heard this but just thought it was an internet rumour. I didn’t recognise the level of credibility and research that had supported the dangers of mobile phone addiction.

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