As there are many brands of English Thinking in both hemispheres of the globe it’s a fair question for you to ask, “What particular brand of English Thinking will you be teaching?” The answer is, of course, the Australian English brand of English Thinking. Here’s why.

First, I’m the world authority in Australian English Thinking. Second, I’m the most experienced teacher of Australian English Thinking in all of human history. So there. Third and most practically, it’s working very, very well, so far. In fact, it’s working ten times better than America or even England itself when you are willing to take into consideration  the economy of Australia.


… the unfair advantage

Coming January 31, 2012

6 thoughts on “What brand of English Thinking?

  1. Whatever brand of English it may be,It teaches you to think and that is what matters.Look forward to 31st January 2012.

  2. it is always interesting how English Uk/ USA and Aust /NZ

    all speak the same laungage but use different terms and have different meanings

  3. Once again Australia leads the World. We are all looking forward to Launch Day 31st January 2012. I THINK 2012 is going to be a very good Year.

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