What do two genetic scientists, a football coach, an artificial intelligence guru, a major-general and a famous philosopher all have in common?

The Australian Thinker of the Year Award.

This unique award was created in 2005 by the School of Thinking (SOT) to recognise the contribution Australian thinkers make both nationally and globally. Six awards were given from 2005 to 2011.

The award was a gift of appreciation and carries with it no responsibilities, commitments or obligations of any kind. The award was formally presented at a reception of Australian leaders in science, art, business, education and media. It is in recognition of individual Australian thinkers and thought-leaders.

Guests at the 2009 Reception enjoy the fine hospitality of the Melbourne Convention Centre.


– 2005 – Professor Michael Georgeff

– 2006 – Professor German Spangenberg

– 2007 – Professor Jenny Graves

– 2008 – Coach Kevin Sheedy

– 2009 – Maj Gen Jim Molan

– 2011 – Professor Peter Singer


  1. They are all to be admired and it’s a worthy objective for all SOT students to strive toward.

    Strangely though, the wisest person I have ever known could not read or write.
    Probably not true but it was as if Robin was born all wise, and the New Zealand schooling or education system had not been able to cloud out his ability to think.

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