To commemorate the life and work of British mathematical genius, Dr Alan Turing OBE FRS, 2012 has been declared The Alan Turing Year. His contributions to breaking the German Nazi Enigma code during WWII were considered critical to the Allied war effort and one of the greatest contributions to the outcome of WWII by an individual thinker. His work provided pioneering foundations to everything from AI and computer science to philosophy and cognitive science.

Here are some links for further information:

– Book: Alan Turing – His Work and Impact

– The Alan Turing Home Page

BBC HISTORY: Alan Turing

– The Telegraph: Britain’s Greatest Codebreaker

5 thoughts on “2012 – Alan Turing Year

  1. T was a true genius who was treated very badly and died before his time

    to think what he may of accomplished if he had lived longer

  2. A great reminder of the talented individuals destroyed through our corrupt belief system, fostered on us by religion regarding homosexuals.
    Sadly many of us continue judging others through our inability to change the stinking thinking habits we took on as children.
    Roll on the S.O.T. with luck you will help accelerate the changes needed to help future men and women lead rich full and contributing lives.
    On studying Jesus it would not be hard to believe he may well have been one of them and that he would be puking over the fact that his name is associated with so many who call themselves CHRISTIANS.

  3. What are the main thinking skills that Alan Turing used? How can we benefit from learning them? Can we use it in our life and work?

  4. It saddens the mind to know that such brutality towards a human being or anyone for that matter is a reflection of another human being it self. We probably do not know of many a people who have contributed so much to the comfort of society at large have suffered beyond our imagination.For all the contribution that Alan Turning has made to the world, we owe him a lot.

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