Thinking is ESCAPE. Thinking is SEARCH.

Many cultures for hundreds of thousands of years have addressed this topic. There have been spiritual approaches, metaphysical approaches, philosophical approaches and, more recently, scientific approaches to this paramount question of homo sapiens … ‘what is thinking?’

My personal view of thinking, from 30 years of working in the field of cognitive science, is all about escaping and searching.

So, in the School of Thinking we teach that thinking is an acquired skill that can be learned and practised. There are natural cognitive patterns that are built in the brain through a combination of genetic history and cultural imitation and thinking skill is how we can learn to escape from these natural patterns and search for much better ones. This, after all, IS the scientific method.

I have condensed this scientific approach to the simplest expression of the Theory of Thinking: e + s = t.


11 thoughts on “What is ‘thinking’?

  1. Escape ;What do I need to escape from ? How can I escape ?
    Search : what can be the solution ?
    Who can Help ? where should I look ?
    Think : what are the 10 ways to improve , alter or escape this situation?

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