In teaching thinking skills I’ve often been asked, “Isn’t this just the same as positive thinking?” My answer, of course, is NO.

Everything in life is not positive. Many things are indeed negative. Pretending they are positive can be a barrier to effective thinking.

Quite far from positive thinking the kind of design thinking we promote in SOT (with tools and apps like cvs2bvs) is how to take the things that you have and design ways to add value or make them better. Just pretending things will be positive is not design thinking.

Hope (or prayer, for that matter) is NOT a strategy.

If you’ve got ten minutes, here’s an animated discussion of the negatives of “positive thinking” by Barbara Ehrenreich.

6 thoughts on “The Negatives of Positive Thinking

  1. To read, reflect upon, Barbara Ehrenreich”s book, Smile or Die, is to gain insight to the “Real World”

  2. Shows we are whatever we think we are,

    Our worlld will be designed by our thinking skills

    CVS2BVS will create realisim great place to start THINKING abut designing,our world.

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