In the decade since September 11, 2001 the world has witnessed a dramatic and inexorable shift in the geo-political tectonic plates that are Europe, the USA and Asia.

In big global terms the world has watched as the post WWII position of USA dominance has shifted from growth to decline. We have all looked on as the Euro experiment has come to a shuddering, stalling halt. We have observed the rapid rise of Asia.

In particular the world has seen India assert itself as a rising global power. And, nothing has captured the imagination of the wired global audience more than the phenomenon of the growth of China.

The idea of CHINA XIO is this: we will only ever get one China in our lifetime so what are we planning to do about it?


One thought on “The Idea of CHINA XIO

  1. This is similar to the rise of the US and its attempts to dominate the world, to spread its culture and values. There are pros and cons. They run their course then another country rises to take this position.

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