Metacognition is “thinking about thinking”. In developing thinking skills in humans we have been designing tools that enhance our ability to do metacognition.

But can animals do metacognition? Evidence Points To Conscious ‘Metacognition’ In Some Nonhuman Animals.

J. David Smith, Ph.D., a comparative psychologist at the University at Buffalo who has conducted extensive studies in animal cognition, says there is growing evidence that animals share functional parallels with human conscious metacognition — that is, they may share humans’ ability to reflect upon, monitor or regulate their states of mind.

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5 thoughts on “Metacognition: Can animals do it?

  1. Thnking is a natural process of any brain and adjustments arise from a change in thinkng. I have seen monkeys respond to changes in the environment including strategies for survival and getting food. I have also noticed that pigeons still can’t knit a nest as other birds do. Because objects are classified in a certain pecking order, does it erase the fact that they may have things in common? Yesterfolk hailed commonsense – a perfect example of meta cognition. The real question is to what degree.

  2. growing up on a farm,animals my dogs an horses,were aware of my commands
    being their master they listened to my english language,
    thought about it then reacted accordingly.

  3. I am absolutely convinced that animals have rudimentary thinking abilities. What is rudimentary depends, of course, on the animal. I am often amazed at Cat Napolo’s (full name: Napoleon) ability to understand what human beings expect from him, what he should avoid, and how to get what he wants. Often, it is a matter of rather advanced reasoning.

    Here in Stockholm, doves have learned first how to hide in the metro when it is cold outside. Later they learned that they can use the metro trains to move from neighborhood to neighborhood be sitting on the roof of a wagon.

    One might believe that doves are pretty unintelligent. The fact is, however, that we know precious little about the animal mind.

  4. we still do not know a lot about the natural world

    and not enough how animals think or feel

    we should be hear to share the planet

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