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517ADD3CP3L._SL500_AA300_WOMBAT SELLING is a completely rewritten and updated version of NewSell, first published in New York in 1984 and then in Australia in 1990.

It became required reading for any businessperson.

It exposed the dirty secret of traditional selling: that we actually have no way of knowing how to close the sale!



  1. Thank you for this awesome book! I have read it twice.

    I have been in sales for most of my adult life and some of these concepts were new to me. In my opinion Newsell is a much better way to do business than ‘Old-sell’.

  2. word of mouth selling reflects the benefits that users derive from a product or service.The satisfied new customer measures consistancy of quality. The disatisfied customer sometimes show a variation in need

  3. This book have changed my business and now I am spending one hour a day on networking and demand for services is flowing. Thank you again Michael, you are a genius

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