Metacognition is “thinking about thinking”. In developing thinking skills in humans we have been designing tools that enhance our ability to do metacognition.

But can animals do metacognition? Evidence Points To Conscious ‘Metacognition’ In Some Nonhuman Animals.

J. David Smith, Ph.D., a comparative psychologist at the University at Buffalo who has conducted extensive studies in animal cognition, says there is growing evidence that animals share functional parallels with human conscious metacognition — that is, they may share humans’ ability to reflect upon, monitor or regulate their states of mind.

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517ADD3CP3L._SL500_AA300_WOMBAT SELLING is a completely rewritten and updated version of NewSell, first published in New York in 1984 and then in Australia in 1990.

It became required reading for any businessperson.

It exposed the dirty secret of traditional selling: that we actually have no way of knowing how to close the sale!


Thanks to Steve Jobs and his thought-leadership I’m now running the School of Thinking from my iPad.

We will be designing a series of SOT applications especially for iPad utility. They will be young, fast and scientific.

I got my first Mac in January 1984. My friend, Peter Bensinger, and I literally ran to the store to get one each on the day they came on sale. I’ve continually used many Macs since then and have designed the online SOT on these Macs since 1995. Most SOT lessons were written and sent to SOT members from my Macs. There’s no doubt in my mind that without these unique, marvelous and elegantly designed tools that SOT would not be what it is today.

As you can imagine, I was downhearted to hear that Steve Jobs has left Apple and is no longer CEO. Due to his poor health he is unable to carry out his responsibilities. This is sad for his friends and customers, a profound loss to the company and Steve’s departure punctuates the end of one of America’s greatest productive eras.


In the decade since September 11, 2001 the world has witnessed a dramatic and inexorable shift in the geo-political tectonic plates that are Europe, the USA and Asia.

In big global terms the world has watched as the post WWII position of USA dominance has shifted from growth to decline. We have all looked on as the Euro experiment has come to a shuddering, stalling halt. We have observed the rapid rise of Asia.

In particular the world has seen India assert itself as a rising global power. And, nothing has captured the imagination of the wired global audience more than the phenomenon of the growth of China.

The idea of CHINA XIO is this: we will only ever get one China in our lifetime so what are we planning to do about it?



SOT members who have completed all 80 lessons in the following two SOT training programs are qualified to apply for the TISOT Certificate:

1. BCT: Beyond Critical Thinking – 40 Lessons

2. L-MHG: Advanced Leadership Training – 32 lessons.

The Thinking Instuctors training can be undertaken by anyone and is under the personal direction of Michael Hewitt-Gleeson.

Pro bono
There are no fees for this training.


If you wish to apply write to Michael by clicking here.