At Queen’s Hall Parliament House in Melbourne last night, Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson presented several prestigious science awards to scientists and colleagues from the Biosciences Research Division of the Department of Primary Industries.

The Rene Descartes Scientific Method and Process Award was presented to Renata Polotnianka, Stacey Barlow, Simone Tait and Larry Jewell. On presenting the award Dr Hewitt-Gleeson praised the team for their work which was “best practises in Australia”.

Dr Hewitt-Gleeson is the first Visiting Academic Fellow in Innovation Thinking at the Biosciences Research Division at La Trobe University and has been a member of the awards judging panel since they began in 2009.

One thought on “Science awards in Melbourne

  1. How fortunate for La Trobe University to have aquired Dr Hewitt-Glesson as presenter for Rene Descartes award,two very innovative thinkers past and present in their time,kudos for La Tobe science research students.

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