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  1. Design and let live!

    Design your own family, your own standards.
    Design you own Virtual board of Directors.
    Design your own career.
    Design your own self.
    DEsign yOur sElf-relationship.
    deSign yoUr reLationship wiTh otHer seLfs’.
    desIgn youR pay pacKage.
    desiGn your compAny.
    desigN your relatIonship with the strucTure

    DEsign YOur X10, TAke a QUantum LEap.

  2. I go walking and put on my green hat. I think it best to go alone if one is wearing this cap to be creative. I think it wise to carry a notebook because when the creative idea takes root, you can avoid recall. The school of thinking says if you can think of one idea you should be able to think of ten ideas Cvsx10=bvs

    I now go from green to the black hat to check all my ideas. cvsx10=bvs. This hat,I feel is the call for caution. What are the pitfalls?
    After having analysed both hats very carefully. I then present them to my colleagues inviting them to wear the green hats and instead of having ten ideas, there are now 100 good ideas.

  3. Design IS judgement!
    Uncovering new/novel and useful choices to combine in new/novel and useful ways.
    Articulating/embracing contradictory challenges: “I want a table to be half the size and hold twice as much.”
    Rearranging all the pieces in a way that expresses what the designer intended and looks and functions in ways that delight customers

  4. To change to the green hat means looking at the ideas in a new way and exploring new information , definately sounds like a fresh approach. I will go the green hat.

  5. use the green hat to generate possibilities, the black hat to evaluate. the action is in the movement. cvs2bvs

  6. i would be open to utilizing both in different sequences at different points.All depends on the problem, or opportunity in front of me.

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