A woman sitting at home on the veranda with her husband and she says: “I love you.”

He asks: “Is that you or the wine talking?”

She replies: “It’s me …………… talking to the wine.”

Humour involves the appreciation of oddness.

In humour there is the willingness to enjoy seeing the OTHER SIDE of things, the willingness to see fresh points of view, to see them and appreciate them without necessarily feeling the need to adopt them as one’s own.

Smiling often reflects a sense of humour and amusementHumour includes flexibility in the way we can look at information, the humour of creativity, and the humour of insight.

Humour means seeing things in a different way. Appreciating the value of differences.

There’s the humour of wisdom, the humour of balance and tolerance, the humour of plurality.

The enjoyment of surprise, chance and variety. The good mood, the sound of laughter, good humour and good health.

5 thoughts on “THINKTIP: Humour

  1. Smiling is one of the greatest humour,an insight that distinquish bween sadness and natural smile.

  2. My humour .. is my inbuilt lubricant for living in a mad crazy life.
    Humour is a way , an attitude to rise above situations, gives you psychological distance ,
    The World Health Organisation may not recognise this but i do…
    Seriousness is an illness all of its own….

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