We have always asked SOT members for their feedback.

For example click here and also click here. Although this feedback is mostly subjective it remains a valid indication of the many ways that SOT members have applied their training to produce benefits and positive results in their life and work.

However, this kind of subjective evidence cannot replace scientifically validated research and there is an opportunity for SOT to see that such research is properly conducted.

Starting in 2011-2012, we are planning to fund a range of focused and scientific research projects on different aspects of SOT metacognition training to explore the question: Does it work?

School of Thinking Research Committee

SOT is currently planning to appoint a Research Committee (SOT RC) of ten eminent people, the majority of whom will have appropriate experience in reviewing research. The Research Committee will ensure that the research undertaken is scientific in nature.

Those persons appointed to the SOT RC will have a proven ability to direct a research program of high quality and scientific merit, as evidenced by their academic qualifications and professional appointments.

The Role of SOT RC

SOT RC will determine the research activities which are to be funded from the SOT Research Fund and award research grants on the basis of scientific quality as judged by peer-review. SOT RC will foster publication and dissemination of research results within and beyond the School of Thinking.

3 thoughts on “The Research Committee (SOT RC)

  1. The journey continues and everyone on board is gaining insights into what is useful in this world and just as important what is not. Full steam ahead but watch out for the icebergs.

  2. Can it be 30 years since I first head of Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson and ‘Software for the Brain’?

    Certainly over the twenty-four years I’ve been practising as a management consultant focused on education, skills and transformation, I’ve been using SoT tools and ideas in a wide variety of situations around the world and in a range of cultures and political, social and economic contexts – in schools, businesses, universities, government agencies, enterprises, ministries and departments and whole States and regions.

    What I can say without fear of contradiction is that SoT approaches ALWAYS work!!!

    Challenged, sometimes ridiculed initially, certainly.

    But always ultimately powerful and empowering; liberating and enabling.

    Many, many great discussions and ideas have been stimulated by SoT approaches including ‘OVS’ (Old View of the Situation) in the CVStoBVS context – to characterise where people, organisations, whole systems, families and communities have come from to arrive at the CVS on the way to BVS.

    For me, SoT and Covey’s 7 (now 8!) Habits are among the most valuable resources available in our journey to a more balanced and sustainable world.

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