In our exploding world of cybermedia with photoshop, digital manipulation and peer2peer messaging at the speed of light, I believe that the global epidemic spread of lies may be one of the most serious challenges facing long-term human survival.

I believe this challenge needs to be taken very seriously and could be considered to be of a threat level similar to that of lethal epidemics like Avian or Bird Flu. Many scientists share this view.

As an antidote, SOT has put forward a new thinking methodology to help meet this challenge. To follow on from the previous SOT thinking tools, thinking hats and brain software, this new tool is called: greyscale thinking: how to sort a truth from a lie.

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One thought on “IS IT TRUE?: How to sort truths from lies.

  1. Today with so much availiability of Information and couple with its current knowledge revolution taking the world with such a speed how can one allow him/herself to be lie to. Yes, it happen every second around. But I will say it is the human ability not to be honest with it’s mind that has cause the lie to take hold on the mind of the majority of mankind. Think what next…

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