Imagination is a wondrous and powerful faculty of the human brain and is therefore something of which to be both wary and aware.

Sometimes imagination can be passed off as ‘truth’ when it isn’t true at all. When this happens it can cause very poor and even highly irrational decision-making on a repetitive, habitual and therefore daily basis. The consequences, like quicksand, can become inescapable.

This can be very dangerous and is often lethal. Millions of humans are losing their lives as a direct result of this kind of neurological confusion.

The more skilled the thinker the less likely one is to be confused about which ‘truth’ is really true and which one is simply imaginary.


4 thoughts on “Beware of the imaginary mind!

  1. The exit to the “Truth”, which/what truth by the way?

    In a world where many corporates still have a field, on their job application forms, inquiring about one’s religion, at times as if promoting a particular religion!
    Already that sets the tone for a particular truth.

    I am now happy to be wrong and know there are many truths out there.

    Imagination babe!!!!:-)

  2. We must each be cognizant of the assumptions we rely on to filter truth from opinion. Many of these assumptions may be wrong – or at least incorrect for the context of the current reliance. These assumptions may not only cause us to logically perceive mere opinion as truth, but also lead us to apply that ‘opinion’ inappropriately.

  3. Sometimes we imagine something as being the truth when it is only an opinion and sometimes people accept as truth what you have told them and in their turn pass on what they believe as the truth. The damage this can cause is underestimated
    But sometimes truth in itself can be very damaging and some things should be left unsaid.

  4. Imagination when properly used allows one to see or visualize what it should look like, every step of the way, but imagination alone cannot make it happen, or make it true. It takes an active thinking process focused on what can be real or made possible, not if, but how and when the goal will be achieved.

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