You can check out School of Thinking Lesson One by clicking here. As of today there are 2,414 Responses to “#01 DFQ”. Here is that response by Aatif who says:

This statement to me means that thinking is a skill and like any other skill such as carpentry or programming, a person can become a skilled thinker by practicing and constantly learning, adapting, challenging and of course thinking. Come to think (pun intended) of it, while I am writing this response I am thinking about what to write so in essence I am practicing thinking. Thinking and decision making are probably two skills that are interrelated plus these are two activities that we as humans are constantly involved in, so to make better decisions you need to become a better thinker and I guess in order to become a better thinker you have to become a better listener, observer, reader and above all have an open mind. I think I will stop now.

One thought on “2,414 Responses to Lesson One

  1. you must be able to develope constructive thinking
    rather than sort of wistfull daydreaming
    developw ability to focus in on situations
    so your thoughts lead to conclusions
    rather than just static looping

    just my view

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