Metacognition is the highest state of thinking. It’s actually thinking about thinking. Being aware of one’s thinking and directing one’s thinking in a deliberate and strategic way.

Wisdom, where it can be found, is also metacognition.

Starting on May Day, the first of May 2011, School of Thinking began celebrating Metacognition Month.

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What do you think is metacognition?

46 thoughts on “Metacognition Month

  1. Slow and steady. Little by little. On and on. Never ending. And by the way HAVE FUN 🎉

  2. I don’t really know what metacognition is, but am interested in finding out. Please enrol me if you will please, Michael.

  3. Metacognition – When you recognise within a dream that you are dreaming, like the movie inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

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