For 30 years SOT has been a big fan of the NASA shuttle program. It’s sad to see that the Discovery mission today will be the last flight.

Today must be especially poignant for Australian Thinker, Professor Michael Georgeff, who worked so intimately with this amazing project.

The shuttle program has been a shining example of what human thinking can accomplish with a focused combination of political will, science and engineering.

Happy landings Discovery!!

One thought on “Vale shuttle!

  1. People are always saying, “If they can send a man to the moon, why can’t they…”. Then they name some worthwhile social goal, presumably easier to achieve than landing a human being on the Earth’s satellite. Well, I think the occasion of the last flight of the space shuttle – an amazing example of what political will, massive public investment, and integrated scientific and technological thinking – would be a good time to ask, “If they can put people in orbit for scientific research in more than 115 launches at a total cost of $175 billion, why can’t they (a) implement a sane, affordable universal healthcare system in the US, (b) develop a program of free universal K-through-university education in the US, (c) stop leading the world in the generation of greenhouse gases leading to destructive climate destabilization (again, in the US), and (d) redirect most of the $700 billion we currently spend every year on weaponry toward positive and socially necessary uses?” I apologize for taking up the time of readers in countries that have already implemented these goals. Here in the US we can send a man to the moon, launch any number of space shuttles, and drop an unmanned drone down your chimney whenever we feel like it, but we’re a little behind on some of the other things.

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