5 thoughts on “Meme du jour!

  1. Did Lance Armstrong learn, practise, rehearse and train for his seven [7] Tour di France wins? Or was it just luck?

  2. Think…why… then think why not…
    Use your brain to keep young. Feel the satisfaction from learning new stuffs, a new language, a new skill and practice until you do it really well.

  3. Yes Practice Rehearsal Is the secret key to enfold the human genius. At SOT Micheal taught this with a great simplicity and it make me sad to note that because the SOT training is free we seems not the take note of the secrets within. We must take clue that is how a THINKER must use his brain.

  4. sometimes people are reluctant to rehearse and practice. maybe training in role playing and rehearsal and a light and playful environment could be useful. cvstobvs.

  5. think,
    you hold the key ..
    its the key to heaven and hell..
    create the cogno-stories,
    travel your worlds of wonder
    chance favours a prepared mind..

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