Once you see this, you will be blown away. If you have never seen this before, you are in for a treat. Some of us wonder what the best computer is in the world – It has got to be the human brain!!

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  1. It seems that many savants like Stephen who can perform such amazing feats ARE diagnosed on the autism spectrum (Autism, Aspberger’s, etc.) – so that while they are extraordinarily gifted in an area such as memory or mathematical reasoning, another area such as social interaction or language is much more difficult for them than for the average person.

    It makes me wonder whether such conditions in the brain are are actually NECESSARY for this kind of extraordinary giftedness to be displayed.
    – Is it perhaps an understandable outcome that if one area of brain function is substantially underdeveloped (relative to an “average” person), then the energy and resources that would normally be used by this part of the brain are now “shared” or “directed” to another area, and contribute to its development beyond the expected range in an “average” person?
    – Or, by contrast, might it be the case that this area of extraordinary giftedness in the brain actually “steals” resources from other areas of the brain, thereby being the cause of underdevelopment in these areas?

    OR… as we would all like to know, is there some possibility for us “average” types to strengthen certain functions in our super-computer-brains?? [without adverse effect, may I add (: ]

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