To all SOT members in 52 countries around the world may I wish you a Happy New Year and to our Australian members a relaxing and happy break over the January holidays.

In Australia, we are beach-lovers. This is our summer break so we mostly head off to our beaches and favourite holiday destinations with our family and friends. Traditionally, it’s a time for Aussies to relax together, to renew friendships and to have some fun.

We also have time to do a lot of reading and thinking. We meditate alone on our past year and our plans for the coming year. We have many shared discussions while sitting on the beach with friends or over a family barbecue. (Here’s a picture of St Kilda Beach where I was born and where I live today.)

Of course, I realise that SOT members in other countries do not live on the beach but in a diverse range of locations and different settings. So whatever situation you find yourself in January, I do hope you will have time to meditate and think and to renew your life as you embark on a new year.

Very best wishes to you and your family and friends, and I hope we will continue our journey into thinking … together in 2011.


7 thoughts on “On the Beach. Happy Holidays :-)

  1. Best wishes to you and your family for a great 2011. Looking forward to many more of your emails full of interesting topics. There is nothing like the beach for relaxation and pondering.

  2. For those of us in the northern hemisphere dreaming of warmer day we are reminded that there is always a different view, as it is high summer for other members of the thinking world. I salute the differences that keep life in balance.

    May your days be ever better and lead to a happy, prosperous and joyful year ahead.

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