The training strategy of the School of Thinking is an original Australian design.

It has been developed and evolved by Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson over the past 35 years. It is based on the–“The Scheyville Method”–the unique training method used by the Australian Army to prepare leaders for Vietnam service in the 60s and 70s.

School of Thinking (SOT) lessons have already reached over 80 million people around the world and received wide media support since 1979.

PROFESSOR GEORGE GALLUP, The Gallup Poll, Princeton proclaimed in 1983:

“I believe the School of Thinking’s work in teaching people to think may be the most important thing going on in the world today.”

- In 1979, SOT originated the strategy of not just teaching thinking skills but training teachers of thinking which has since become the world’s largest movement for the teaching of thinking in schools.

– In 1983, SOT originated the method of using thinking hats for the teaching of thinking skills of which Edward de Bono wrote in Six Thinking Hats: “may well be the most important change in human thinking in the past 2300 years.”

– SOT also originated the concept of software for the brain for the teaching of thinking skills worldwide and for raising innovation intelligence. This is the basic brain software taught by SOT – cvs2bvs – and was once described by Jack Welch of GE as “the simplest idea in the world”.

For trainers, educators and those who are interested in these matters, here is some detailed background on the design and development and on the history and effectiveness of the School of Thinking over the past 40 years that has led to it becoming the largest school of its kind in the world.

Australia: The Career Acceleration Program

In Melbourne, Australia in 1970, Michael Hewitt-Gleeson designed the generic Career Acceleration Program (CAP). This was a train-the-trainer technology, for converting knowledge into skill. CAP was based on three simple hypotheses: Alternatives, Leaping, Repetition. In training CAP instructors, six principles were emphasised. To become successful trainers they had to master these Six CAP Principles.

Military Training Strategies

With no love or tolerance of war itself, SOT makes practical use of effective military training strategies for virtuosity in the development of cognitive skills. Two primary ‘Scheyville’ Australian military training strategies:
digital training and daily training.

From 1967 through 1974 in Australia and South Viet Nam, Dr. Hewitt-Gleeson studied The Scheyville Method of leadership under the direction of Brigadier Ian Geddes, as part of his Australian military training and service, world-class army officer training in leadership, survival, confidence training, instructional techniques and military arts. He conducted further experiments while serving as an officer/chief instructor in the Royal Australian Air Force Reserve. As a result of this experience he designed CAP which was well received by trainees, trainers and educators for producing measureable results. Since then, continuous, focused development of the training technology in the marketing, business, and public training applications has brought its evolution to its current stage of development.

USA: The School of Thinking

In New York on 17 November 1979, Dr. Hewitt-Gleeson and Edward de Bono founded the School of Thinking (SOT) in the USA. From the first meeting in New York, SOT went on to become the biggest nationwide program in the world ever to teach thinking skills to education, business and public sectors.

Under Dr Hewitt-Gleeson’s direction, the School of Thinking trained many thousands of people around the US and also installed thinking skills into school districts, corporations and government organisations. Within five years ‘teaching thinking’ in US schools had become, according to The New York Times, the biggest new trend in education.

PAUL MACCREADY JR, Inventor of the Gossamer Albatross and father of man-powered flight (1982):

“When first watching an SOT thinking class in action I was amazed that something so simple and so much fun could be so quick and effective in developing a person’s ‘thinking muscle’. We all, as individuals and caretakers of our precious earth, need these thinking skills.”

Australia: The School of Thinking

On 30 May 1988, in Canberra, at a meeting of 700 of Australia’s municipal and federal statespersons, Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson launched the School of Thinking in Australia. He presented the Governor-General His Excellency Sir Ninian Stephen AK, GCMB, GCVO, KBE with a Brainusers Kit. Dr. Hewitt-Gleeson then awarded to the Honourable Robert J L Hawke AK, the Prime Minister of Australia, a special certificate appointing him “Australia’s Number One Brainuser” to symbolise the vast potential of turning-on the power of Australia’s 16 million brains.

The Clever Country

Subsequently, on 8 March 1990, in Brisbane, Australia’s Number One Brainuser, Prime Minister Hawke, decreed: “No longer content to be just the lucky country, Australia must now become the clever country”.

This is now the big chance for Australia’s future – the development of our ultimate natural resource – our human resources. The School of Thinking in Australia has been working to see that this does happen by pushing for thinking skills to be taught to all Australian kids on the core education curriculum.


The Order of Precedence of SOT

– The Patron – Professor George Gallup

– The Founder and Principal – Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

– Co-founder – Professor Edward de Bono

– The Vice-Principal – Dr Eric Bienstock

– The Publisher – Alexandra Jane Noble JD

– The Australian Thinkers of the Year:

2005 Professor Michael Georgeff

2006 Professor German Spangenberg

2007 Professor Jenny Graves

2008 Coach Kevin Sheedy

2009 Major-General Jim Molan

– The Doctors Honoris Causa:

Dr Andrew Vincent DBT 1998

Dr Brian Monahan DBT 2005

Dr John Chambers DBT 2006

Dr Maria Deveson-Crabbe DBT 2008

– The Board of Directors:

Dr Brian Monahan DBT – Chairman

Mr Newell Lock FCA ACIS

Dr Eric Bienstock PhD

Mr David Sharry BA

– The Dean of the Graduate SOT – Anthony Bertini BA Econ

– The Scholars:

Dr Steven Angelides PhD

– The Chief Instructors SOT:

Dr Eric Bienstock 1980

Mr Leon Mysh 1983

Mr John Tindley BA DipEd 1989

Mr Simon Chen DipDM 2005

– The Dean of the SISOT Society – Dr Eric Bienstock

– The Members of the SISOT Society

– The Roll of Thinking Instructors

– The Students

– The Members

– The Client Associates

– The Readers

– The Media

– The Countries.


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