First let’s start with a little test for you to take.

This only takes a minute.

Watch the video below:

This is an example of what is called “inattention blindness” or “change blindness”. The idea is that people often miss large changes in their visual field. This has been shown in many experiments.

So what does this mean if you are designing a website or something on a computer screen? It means that you can’t assume that just because something is on the screen means that people see it. This is especially true when you refresh a screen and make one change on it. People may not realize they are even looking at a different screen. Remember, just because something happens in the visual field doesn’t mean that people are consciously aware of it.

4 thoughts on “Do You Have “Inattention Blindness”?

  1. So true. One always assumes that when one is involved in some action the onlookers are always watching keenly !!!

  2. Focusing can cause this and not focusing can cause this.

    The issue is how to become completely aware and not assume you are completely aware.

    You need to define what you really want to see and focus on and then “inattention blindness” may still occur but hopefully it will only be a fake bear and not real one.

  3. Not forgetting Color Blindness. looking for an object you think is a certain color (for whatever reason) Is referred to as “Search Blindness” The object will be under your nose but will escape detection. The object is right, the color is wrong. Scan each imaginary square in a field. Eliminate what is not sought, note what was not expected, if the object is in the field it will be isolated eventually. Eureka! or St Anthony? depending on whether you are a classicist or a naive nut. James

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