One of the complaints I hear again and again from most people in business is the amount of time that they waste each and every day in business meetings.

These are meetings where the truth is never told, where decisions are never made and where everyone plays along until the meeting ends so they can rush off to their next meeting.

It’s a very rare business meeting where one finds that there’s not an elephant lurking in the room.

My own experience has been that in nearly every business meeting the room is so full of elephants that there seems hardly enough room for those in the meeting. And, what’s more, the elephants are all naked!!

I’m planning to shortly publish an article called Elephant Spotting: The Art and Science of Spotting Elephants in the Room

DFQ:  In your next meeting, instead of paying attention to the ‘Agenda’,  you can see if you can find how many elephants there are in the room.

3 thoughts on “ELEPHANT SPOTTING: The Art and Science of Spotting Elephants in the Room

  1. The truth is really hard to swollow and that is why most bosses loath to hear them (on meetings). Only great bosses and leaders can really face elephants in the room, ’cause they know although the truth hurt, its bettr to face them than igoring them. Just imagine creating a product to sell based on the principle of the old selling technique that seller closes the sales “THE TRUTH IS UPSIDE DOWN AND NAKED” – so it needs to be told and accepted. There is no escape.

  2. The biggest elephant or obstacle if you will is positions or heirarchy. People fear saying the “wrong” thing to the “boss” or “superiors” for fear of loss of job or position.

  3. Elephants (and Dynos) always almost are part of most business meetings because or perhaps the chairman him/herself suffer from entrepreneurial and/or leadership sense of focus, opportunity and action. That is why in the board or meeting room “the elephants are all naked.” Next meeting I am to participate I wll check how many elephants and dynos are around…

    P.S. I liked the picture. Can I copy it, use it and email to friends?

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