In April 2010 SOT accepted the first intake of qualified Esquires into the School of Chivalry and the next intake will be in September 2010.

Traditionally, an Esquire is a trainee Knight. Knights of legend capture our imagination with their romance of faith, their spirit of adventure their rigorous training and prowess in battle. From Sir Galahad to Luke Skywalker the knights and their orders of chivalry have enjoyed a peculiar quality which has lasted for 900 years.

Today, we can see a growing conversation around the world on things like “values”, “ethical leadership“, “social responsibility” and “philanthropy” as well as personal training and service to others.

SOT has been researching and providing training on these issues since 1998 and we feel the time has now come to extend this training to qualified SOT members.

The mission of the School of Chivalry is to provide coaching to qualified candidates in the history, strategies, virtues and quintessential skills of chivalrytraining and service.

Part One of the training is: QRH.  Part Two: The Meme of Chivalry.

There will be ten candidates per intake and the next intake is in September 2010. If you are already listed as an SOT Instructor and you would like to be considered as a candidate for this training post your application in the Comments Box below.

In the School of Chivalry, those who successfully complete the training will be prepared for the accolade of knighthood. There are no fees. There is only personal training and service to others.

The motto of the School of Chivalry is:  QRH.

Caravaggio – Knight of Malta

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571 – 1610)
Portrait of a Knight of Malta, Fra Antonio Martelli, 1607-8
Oil on canvas
Galleria Palatina, Palazzo Pitti, Florence


4 thoughts on “School of Chivalry

  1. As i became less young… I have come to the understanding that lasting results are developed bottom-up in organisations, leaders influence change by providing, helping and by beeing examples of desired conduct. Short term results are a matter of hard work of individuals, long term results can only be achieved by learning and developing organisation.

    Chivalry or ethics or style or ….., play an important role and support the teaching of organisational thinkng skills.

    I would appreciate to be considered for the next intake to the school of chivalry.

    Thougthfull regards
    Baard Rosvik
    Aalesund, Norway

  2. Hi Michael,
    I completed SOT in 2009 (note different email from back then). I would be interested in taking part in this training, it ties in very well with my current focus on community service which has come along with age (wisdom maybe?) and being a new dad :0) Currently I volunteer in a number of community events and was just elected to the board of a non profit community education organisation (WEA of SA).

    James comment below has some truth to it, however I also believe that while the idea of Chivalry and Knighthood (with the implied service to others that goes with it) is only an ideal these days, it’s still a worthwhile one for which to aim for. The alternative is for us as a society to stop aiming to improve ourselves and revert back into the muck from which we came (according to Darwin!).

    My focus in undertaking such training it to be half as good a person as my little girl thinks I am, and to use this training to continuously improve my own service to others. By doing so I hope to show her (and others perhaps) that being part of a community (either local or wordwide) means serving the community; and that such service enrishes the lives of others.

    Regards Ross
    Adelaide – Sth Australia

  3. Dear Michael,
    I will like to be considered at the next intake of the School of Chivalry.
    SOT has change some of us our thinking ways so much that upgrading continuously is the only way and only SOT can do that that is YOU Dr. Michael Hewitt-Glesson always grateful to learn from you.

    Be well
    Erik K. Dzordzordzi

  4. Um Knights were not all they were cracked up to be. Joseph McCabe gives
    a scathing review of their grasping ways. Arthur had a few problems with his knights. Knights do not have the monopoly on chivalry. I like the the idea and practice of chivalry.

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