SOT lessons and training formats will be transformed, along with the entire publishing industry, in the next few years following the arrival of the iPAD. We are planning for this. The iPAD platform–hardware and iSTORE– seems destined become a killer platform for publishing, education and learning.

This 2 and a half year old seems to think so …

6 thoughts on “iPAD is coming to change SOT …

  1. great another tool to take the most valueable thing i have TIME. ok if one is young looking to learn ,commit to enhanceing ones future.
    where one gained wisdom through experiance doing its difficult to stop
    whatone is committed to.i will still make time to at least understand it.

  2. From an educational teaching and learning perspective this looks like another great tool that the digital natives will engage in. As teachers we must all remember to recognise this technology as tools of the trade to be used to enhance brain training, to introduce new concepts, to reinforce, to provide repetition opportunities and to expand all forms of future thinking for individual learners…….if it is in fact the most appropriate tool for the job. Looks like fun that is for sure!!

  3. We’ve long passed the point where it’s even meaningful to ask, “What problem is this product the solution to?” That point may have occurred around the time (the 1920s, more or less) when people figured out that there was excess industrial capacity and that the only way to go on piling up wealth was to make people want things they didn’t need, that would quickly become obsolete so they’d have to buy more and newer things. The iPad is a great example of a “solution” for which there was no problem. I’m not saying it’s not a heck of a cool gadget…I’m sure it is. And it will probably do whatever it’s supposed to do quite well.

    But here’s something that thrills me a lot more. I recently saw the movie, “On the Beach” for the first time and decided to read the book by the excellent Australian writer, Nevil Shute. I went online and found a really beautiful copy of the 1957 fourth printing of the book, which arrived yesterday. Now that’s something! They may not have known it at the time but the geniuses who developed the computer have solved one of the most irksome problems besetting book addicts by making it possible to browse and make purchases from thousands and thousands of booksellers all over the world. I hope the iPad proves itself to be that useful some day.

  4. Clark my best guess of unintended consequences are millions of child cases of RSI of the finger and a generation of kids on Ritalin.

  5. Makes one wonder… is this a good thing? I don’t know… The future will tell us as we look back… what will be the unintended consequences?

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