In the emerging Internet of Things, everyday objects are becoming networked. Clothing is no exception. It’s still early days for Web-enabled clothes – the best example so far is the Nike+ running shoe, which contains sensors that connect to the user’s iPod. But expect to see everything from your shirt to your underwear networked in the not too distant future.

In the following list of ten ‘smart clothing’ items, we showcase Internet pants, a proximity sensing shirt, a heart sensing bra, biosensor underwear, a “thought helmet”, and more!

Motion-detecting pants, a proximity sensing shirt, a heart-sensing bra, biosensor underwear, and a “thought helmet” are among everyday objects that are becoming networked. Also, a jacket that displays your moods through signs and colors.

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One thought on “10 Smart Clothes You’ll Be Wearing Soon

  1. ..another proof that imagination follwed by thinking creates the next ‘reality’. Our opinion about such reality is irrelevant. Once the process has started it will generally follow through unless a better reality is devised.

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