People who talk out loud to think through their maths problems are able to solve them faster and have more chance of getting the right answer, the research has found.

In a finding that flies in the face of the old-fashioned theory of studying in silence, classrooms should be full of the noise of students tackling their problems out loud.

The research, published in the Journal of Research in Educational Psychology, could even have an impact in the way mathematics is taught.

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4 thoughts on “Thinking out loud helps solve problems

  1. this makes sense, I like to draw on a white board to think and always read aloud when I’m preparing a paper, the mouth speaks and the ear hears what the brain can sometimes skip over

  2. talking out loud transfers infomation to all ears into all brains within hearing distance,allowing majority in the room to think and contribute
    verbaly soloutions to issues.

  3. This is very true.

    The reason behind this is you are using two “sense doors” instead of one. That is sound through the “ears” as well as seeing through the “eye”. The dual effect reinforces it to the brain!

    That is why if you memorise a speech it is good to say it loud!

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