One of the biggest challenges for American intelligence? The way the brain works.

What’s wrong with American intelligence?

That question became tragically urgent at the end of last year, with the failed attempt to blow up Northwest Flight 253, and then the deadly suicide bombing that killed seven CIA officers in eastern Afghanistan.

These events put intelligence at the top of the national agenda and have been followed, predictably, by an outcry that our intelligence system needs to be overhauled.

Leaders and critics, from the president on down, are calling for a host of solutions: more people on no-fly lists, tighter control of visas, more thorough airport screening, better tracking of suspects. In sum, the thinking goes, we need to gather more information, then work harder to connect the dots.

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7 thoughts on “Think different, CIA

  1. every action will create a reaction,think different cia really no different.think smart cia maybe the differance

  2. This is an interesting view of how intelligence typically fails. There is another sense in which “intelligence” fails that I think may be more important to understand. This is the sense in which otherwise intelligent people fail to see that while protecting the country against terrorist attacks is vital, it is equally critical to act in such a way that fewer and fewer terrorists want to attack us. U.S. foreign policy over the past few decades and most especially since 2001 has pretty much alienated all of our traditional allies and made enemies out of many people we could have been working with in a positive way.

  3. we need to re-think everything concerned with security, military/industrial complex and private control of the govt…
    starting from scratch is hard when everyone is fighting to keep their seats. I feel sorry for politicinas: they have to have a position on everything, then they can’t ever change it for fear of loosing their base. Insane!

  4. Yes CIA has NOT changed with the environment. Why because they have stopped thinking.!

    Even the companies that survived today are the ones that have changed with the environment.

  5. I think the whole world is about to under go a great change and all its old systems are just not working any more. Its everywhere we must use our thinking mind to fix everything for that is how unique we are.

    Great I think you can help them as well.

    Have a great day

  6. Is there a problem with American intelligence or does the problem lie with senior Bureaucrats and Managers that don’t like ideas and information that challenge thier beliefs? Working in government I have found that challenging the status quo is not inducive to a long career and so many good ideas (including good intelligence) are not given the exposure they deserve.

    We need to allow people to be creative, imaginiative and make mistakes without punishing them. Only then can the way intelligence is created and utilised change for the better. As the saying goes: ‘If we always do what we always done, we will always get what we always got’.

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