My iPhone is like a magic wand. Abracadabra! …

I can contact friends, run my business, manage the school, do research, plan trips, check transportation, do banking, manage health issues, make new friends, show tutorials, conduct meetings … and more.

All this by choosing from an increasing range of new and interesting apps currently being designed and created by thousands of developers who are beavering away all around the world.

Many of these new dimension were added to my original iPhone by buying apps from the store–some for free and others for a few dollars.

For example, I recently turned my iPhone into a highly compact and portable video camera … just by buying an app for $2.50!

Talk about cvs2bvs … these apps are really amazing. And here are the facts about the apps …


3 thoughts on “SOT is coming to the iPhone.

  1. cant read your post by i get the jist…

    a new idea leading to an explosion in possibilities and everyone cant play cvsx10x10

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