In one of the most dramatic psychology experiments ever conducted, Professor Stanley Milgram proved that I would torture you and that you would torture me if we were directed to do so by a recognised authority.

This was the famous experiment called the Milgram Experiment.

Hard to believe? Well they’ve done it again …

BBC News:
Decades after a notorious experiment, scientists have found test subjects are still willing to inflict pain on others – if told to by an authority figure. US researchers repeated the famous “Milgram test”, with volunteers told to deliver electrical shocks to another volunteer – played by an actor.

Even after faked screams of pain, 70% were prepared to increase the voltage, the American Psychology study found. Both may help explain why apparently ordinary people can commit atrocities.

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3 thoughts on “Would you torture me? I would torture you!

  1. I remember being deeply surprised ,outraged, and shocked when I read about the original Milgram experiments in my studies of educational psychology several decades ago…….and the effect on me was decisive.
    I now ask or demand to know the basis of authority for moves made “officially” that deprive me of my right to speak, or act in ways I see as ethically correct.
    I always ask myself ….”Can I do this?” when the question of harming someone else comes up…. and on many occasions I say “NO”.

  2. in almost all system we are being governed by hiearchiey the step above is right the one below learns,quickly to agree thus becoming a good corporate man.seen from the outside as a strength,good team work seen by the 1974 fortune 500 companies in existance today processes and outcomes must have been torturous in itself.

  3. The idea of a “recognised authority” is used regularly (by the media) to force opinion onto us. Blindly we accept the opinion without any validation of the “recognised authority” credentials. So it seems if a recognised authority tells us to inflict pain or suffering – physical or mental we blindly follow (their instruction) believing the recognised authority has superior judgement than ours – morally or otherwise. Recognised authority tells us “no pain no gain”.

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