Media multitaskers pay mental price, Stanford study shows

Think you can talk on the phone, send an instant message and read your e-mail all at once? Stanford researchers say even trying may impair your cognitive control.

People who are regularly bombarded with several streams of electronic information do not pay attention, control their memory or switch from one job to another as well as those who prefer to complete one task at a time, a group of Stanford researchers has found.

High-tech jugglers are everywhere — keeping up several e-mail and instant message conversations at once, text messaging while watching television and jumping from one website to another while plowing through homework assignments.

—Click through to Stanford’s original article and watch the short video …

3 thoughts on “Think you can multitask?

  1. Air traffic controllers are multitaskers and they perform their jobs very well. If a person develops the habit (practice/repeat 1000 times) he she will eventually master multitasking.

  2. Human mind is capable of multitasking, and quite well. But there is limitation, of varying degree, from one person to the other. The problem comes when we try to go beyond this individual limit.

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