Here’s an interesting Newsweek article on innovation at Google …

More than anything, Google’s continued prosperity is a testament to its ability to keep innovating, both in search and advertising operations and in new lines such as online office-productivity software.

Many companies, says Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, can skirt downturns entirely by coming up with innovations that change the game in their industries–or create new ones. (When asked if Google’s strategy would change as the economy heads into a likely recession, he replied: “What recession?”)

In a recent interview in a tiny meeting room next to his Mountain View (Calif.) office, Schmidt told BusinessWeek Silicon Valley Bureau Chief Robert D. Hof how Google manages the tricky process of innovation.

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2 thoughts on ““Innovation comes from places you don’t expect”, says Google CEO

  1. Step 1: See how other companies work in a given area
    Step 2: Buy a small company that does it better OR figure out on your own how to do it better
    Step 3: Leverage that to eat the competition’s lunch


  2. Innovation has nothing to do with downturns. A hot product will sell just as well in a recession as it will in a nonrecession.
    Great article!

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