Advanced Thought Leadership Postgraduate Training

For graduates who qualify SOT conducts advanced thought leadership training with a focus on Leadership Thinking and Strategic Thinking. SOT has been conducting advanced thought leadership training since 1981 in New York. We have recently upgraded the leadership training.

Dr Eric Bienstock, was the first graduate of SOT Advanced Thought Leadership Training. He graduated as a Thinking Instructor, and later Chief Instructor SOT. He became the first Managing Director of SOT in New York and Eric is now the Vice Principal SOT.



You must have a graduate certificate from SOT  to participate in the next intake of Postgraduate Thought Leadership Training SOT.  There are no fees.

This is a 34-day leadership training program under the personal direction of SOT Principal, Michael Hewitt-Gleeson. On successful completion you may qualify for the Postgraduate Certificate of Advanced Thought Leadership (PCATL).

For an insight into how his views on leadership have been informed by his personal experience you can click through here to read Michael’s story.

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— If you would like to be considered for this next intake, please express your interest by writing directly to Michael here.


61 thoughts on “Graduate School of Leadership SOT

  1. Dear Mr. Gleason,

    The 76 lessons that you have offered me have deeply impacted the manner in which I see the importance of the growth and development of the human mind. This of course has an impact on our careers and society. I am also grateful for the free WOMBAT download.
    I am ready to be part of the leadership training.
    Thank you.

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