At the time, The General Electric Company was the #1 brand in the US making everything from locomotives to light bulbs. The 100-year-old global business enterprise was undergoing a cultural transformation under the leadership of the new Chairman, Jack Welch.

His vision was to change the culture of GE from a traditional industrial, top-down hierarchical company to a modern “boundaryless”, communications and market-aware company.

At Jack’s request Michael worked as his personal advisor for several years installing and training GE executives in the use of his cvs2bvs brain software across the GE enterprise. Combining multi-media presentations, live masterclasses and consulting Michael played a key role in one of the most successful corporate transformations ever undertaken in the US.

– JACK WELCH, Chairman and CEO of GE
Michael, you are a friend of our company. I wish I had a management team that really understood your CVS2BVS equation. It’s the value-added role in the management process.


The Victorian Government, through the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and LaTrobe University is investing AUD$230 million to build a world-class centre for agricultural biosciences research and development. The Biosciences Research Centre (BRC) will accommodate up to 400 staff, including scientists and support staff, from DPI and La Trobe and will join La Trobe’s existing biosciences staff and activities in plant and animal genomics, plant pathology, animal health and agricultural sustainability.

For 5 years, Michael has been consulting to the Biosciences Research Division providing advice and training for scientists and supporting staff to enhance the innovation resources at BRD.

For 2009/2010 he has been asked to design and conduct a 12-month Leadership Project to assist in raising the level of leadership resources across this unique science R&D enterprise.

– Professor German Spangenberg, Executive Director, Biosciences Research Division, Department of Primary Industries
Many thanks to you, Michael, for your wisdom and independence of thinking.


Aussie Bodies (now a division of Vitaco) is a leading Australian sports nutrition company specializing in the development of innovative and high energy protein products and drinks for sportspeople and the health foods market.

For 15 years Michael has advised senior management on strategy both for business structuring and development. The company has used Michael’s strategic thinking and newsell ideas to design and grow their commercial business to sales leadership positions in Australia and New Zealand.

– Maria Deveson-Crabbe, CEO and Founder
We have grown our business tenfold using your ideas and training. I can’t imagine doing business any other way than newsell and cvs2bvs is a natural part of our daily business thinking. Michael, your support and advice has been invaluable to me and my team.





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