The best-seller, Software For The Brain (Wrightbooks 1989), was first published by Michael Hewitt-Gleeson 18 years ago in Australia and internationally and is now in its Fourth Edition.

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This book presents the ‘universal brain software’ which may be the most powerful brain software in the world.



Just imagine you owned the world’s most powerful iPod which could easily store a library of over 10,000 songs.


Now, imagine you posessed only one Patsy Cline CD to load and play on your iPod. There’s nothing wrong with Patsy but a daily diet of I Fall To Pieces and Your Cheatin’ Heart limits your long term music entertainment.

Similar limitations apply to your necktop computer if you only possess one brain software–logic–available for you to use.

images-6.jpg Logic is useful enough for basic mathematics, labelling and mail-sorting and dealing with the past but it’s not nearly enough to help you cope with life and the challenges of the future.

THREE QUESTIONS (Write month/year in boxes)

1. Do you have access to a laptop, palmtop or desktop personal computer? If so, estimate when was the last time you added or upgraded the software?
2. Do you have a sound system–a CD player, a vinyl turntable or an iPod/MP3 player? If so, when was the last time you added a CD or abum to your library, or some tracks to your playlist?
3. Do you have a necktop computer–a brain? Yes, you do. When was the last time you added or upgraded your neuroware or brain software?

If you were educated in the Western education system–Europe, the Americas, Australia etc–the brain software you are using, logic, is 2500 years old.

images-5.jpg The logic operating system was developed by Socrates, Plato and Aristotle in Greece around 500 BCE. It was picked up by the Church via Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century and embedded in its education system which was then spread, with missionary zeal, around the world. The Western education system, with its RIGHT/WRONG logic brain software, may be Europe’s greatest historical export.

4 thoughts on “SOFTWARE FOR YOUR BRAIN – Neuroware

  1. wow i need to download the latest soft ware on thinkink skills thankyou for sot michael logic leaves a whole world of oppourtunities for those who dare to download

  2. Okay so look after and maintain your brain, keep it up to date, use it or lose it, exercise it, dont let it get stale, blow the cobwebs out regularly.

    Do interesting things – read different books, listen to different music, unruttify thyself………………………………

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