6 thoughts on “Global brainpower: How many human brains in the world?

  1. I guess there is no point in having all of this brain power unless it is used…Quality rather than Quantity here for me.

  2. 6706760775 brains almost enough for a global explosion do we eliminate idle brains to slow it down,do we select the best of the best brains to lead without guranteeing success claiming best is enough,put idle brain in a shed to find soloutions in his own time,we would have better chance of finding soloutions.haveing most brainpower one would hope,soloution passed to leader success can almost be guranteed brainpoer at work

  3. The majority of people have little brain-power in use; because they let someone else do their thinking for them. Their brain-power is in the hands of a few who control a network of global beliefs. Those who know how to think for themselves need to be connected and united, so they can expose those that control the world’s views. There is brain power in individual thinking, but how much more power would there be if we connected our thinking.

    Is it possible that SOT can connect the entire world to a better way of thinking?

  4. Not real sure how to respond to this – Implication is that if all these brains could “realise their full potential” then “what a wonderful world”

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