Long before The God Delusion and even before The Da Vinci Code there was Software For Your Brain!

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Michael Hewitt-Gleeson was first to design universal brain software (cvs2bvs) for the teaching of thinking skills. Today the ‘brain software method’ is widely used by government, corporations and schools in over 48 countries around the world.

• Jack Welch of GE championed the use of this method in industry to transform GE in the 1980s. Jack said, “Michael, you are a friend of our company. I wish I had a management team that really understood the cvs2bvs equation”.

• In 1995, the Australian parliament in Canberra formally adopted Michael’s proposal to teach ‘thinking’ as a subject in all Australian schools and teacher’s colleges. Victoria is the first state to implement this proposal across the state from prep to Year 12.

• Professor George Gallup of The Gallup Poll at Princeton said that he believed Michael Hewitt-Gleeson’s work in teaching people how to think may be, “the most important thing going on in the world today”.

• Sir Ninian Stephen, when Governor-General of Australia described Michael’s Keynote Address on cvs2bvs as–the best he had ever heard.

• Of Michael’s idea of using ‘Thinking Hats’ to teach thinking skills, Professor Edward de Bono says: “The ‘Thinking Hats’ method may well be the most important change in human thinking for the past 2300 years”.

The God Delusion was published in 2006 and The Da Vinci Code was published in 2003. In 1989, the best-seller, Software For The Brain (Wrightbooks 1989), was first published by Michael Hewitt-Gleeson 20 years ago in Australia and internationally and is now in its Fourth Edition.


You can download your own copy here or at the bottom of this page. This book presents the ‘universal brain software’ which is currently the most powerful brain software in the world.



The Universal Brain Software is the thinking switch known as: cvs TO bvs or cvs2bvs.

cvs2bvs simply means that the Current View of the Situation (CVS) can never be equal to the Better View of the Situation (BVS). Or cvs ≠ bvs When you use the Universal Brain Software your BVS can be ten times better than your CVS. cvs X10 = bvs.


You can practise saying cvs2bvs a hundred times a day for ten days.
(cvs2bvs) x 100 pd. This brain patterning strengthens the cvs2bvs switch and increases the opportunities for you to use the switch every day.


If you’d like to know more about the Universal Brain Software download a copy of the ebook–Software For Your Brain (2004 Edition)–which also contains all the School of Thinking brain software.

You may also forward this link to your colleagues/family/friends and you can download your own copy here.

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(European Edition)

… (with or without formal education) when it’s suitably motivated for survival!

Recently Hollywood and the rest of the world were charmed and captivated by the kids in the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

Here’s an example of a streetseller in India, who never went to school, and who took over from his grandmother on a street corner selling souvenirs to tourists.

— Click here to watch both of these short videos on this ‘lingo kid’

From Stephen Wolfram’s new blog and project called Wolfram|Alpha

Our goal is to make all computable, factual knowledge available to everyone.

What Wolfram|Alpha does is compute on top of those facts–answering questions, solving equations, providing insights, projecting future behaviors, and more.

We believe the result is an extremely powerful way of harnessing the world’s knowledge and making it possible for anyone to benefit from that power.

Who is Stephen Wolfram?
Stephen Wolfram (born 29 August 1959 in London) is a British physicist, mathematician and businessman known for his work in theoretical particle physics, cosmology, cellular automata, complexity theory, and computer algebra.

– Click here to his official website …


SOT Members who have completed the following three SOT training programs are qualified to receive the TISOT Certificate:
1. Beyond Critical Thinking
2. L-MHG Advanced Leadership Training, and
3. Think Darwin! Raise your darwinian intelligence.

The next Thinking Instructors training program is under the personal direction of Michael Hewitt-Gleeson.

Pro bono
There are no fees for this training.

If you wish to apply write to Michael by clicking here.


Why “Thinking Instructors”?
Michael originated the idea of training thinking instructors when he co-founded School of Thinking with Edward de Bono in 1979 in New York.

Edward was very keen on the ‘train-the-trainer’ idea and wrote to Michael from Cambridge (where he was a Professor of Investigative Medicine) saying, “I think your idea is brilliant! Training instructors has much more motivation” and so, after much discussion and planning, they decided to combine Michael’s CAP Train-the-trainer 6 principles with Edward’s CoRT Thinking syllabus and they started the School of Thinking on November 17, 1979 in New York.

The first intake for Thinking Instructors (TISOT) graduated in March 1980 in New York. One of the original graduates was Eric Bienstock who became the first Chief Instructor SOT and is now Vice Principal of the school.

Who Can Be A Thinking Instructor? There are no special qualifications for being a Thinking Instructor other than a genuine interest in thinking and in teaching thinking. Many Thinking Instructors are school teachers, business people, sports professionals, parents and neighbours. There are four different types of Thinking Instructors:

Self: Practising the skills in one’s own life for personal advancement, cognitive skill and well-being.

Family: Teaching the skills to one’s family and friends and as a forum for family discussions to avoid conflict and deal with family crises.

Business: Sharing the skills with colleagues, workmates, associates and clients to solve business problems and explore potential commercial opportunities. Also to find ways to cut costs and increase revenues. To raise morale and communications through employee participation and involvement in decision-making.

School: Practising the skills in classrooms to accelerate learning and discussion skills and even, where possible, to teach THINKING as a separate curriculum subject.

– The above quote is from The Learn-To-Think Coursebook and Instructor’s Manual co-authored by Edward de Bono and Michael Hewitt-Gleeson (Capra Press USA, 1982).


In 1982, Michael and Edward co-authored this book which became a cover story on all global editions of Readers Digest (at that time, the world’s highest-circulation magazine with 68 million readers) and SOT launched the biggest program in the world for teaching teachers-of-thinking.

The idea behind the School of Thinking’s ‘Thinking Instructor’ concept is threefold:

1. Thinking is a skill. It can be taught and learned like other skills.
2. The skills are designed to be simple, robust and effective. They are easy to teach and easy to learn.
3. Anyone who is interested can teach these skills to anyone who is interested in learning them.

As mentioned above, there are no special qualifications needed to learn SOT thinking skills and there are no special qualifications needed to pass on the skills as a Thinking Instructor. Having said that, SOT is also willing to list on our site those members who have completed the qualifying series of SOT training courses listed below and to issue them with the Thinking Instructor SOT (TISOT) Certificate.


Certified Thinking Instructor – TISOT
Members who have completed the following three SOT training programs are qualified to receive the TISOT Certificate:
1. BCT: Beyond Critical Thinking (48 lessons)
2. L-MHG: Advanced Leadership Training(20 lessons), and
3. Think Darwin! to raise your darwinian intelligence (10 lessons).


If you can find a way to multiply your thinking skills by ten and also multiply your selling skills by ten, then you will also find that you have–as a result–multiplied your leadership skills by ten. This can be done through training and coaching.

I look forward to personally working with you in this next class of Thinking Instructors and, on the successful completion of your TISOT training, to present you with your TISOT Certificate.

Best wishes,


In the past few weeks I’ve been conducting INNOVATION masterclasses for manufacturing CEOs sponsored by the University of Ballarat and for municipal CEOs and executives in Sydney sponsored by Citywide.

Two things still surprise me: how genuinely interested and enthusiastic are the audiences and yet how little they have actually been taught about the subject.

In 1983, School of Thinking originated the idea of Six Thinking Hats to show that there is more than one way of thinking besides Greco-Roman logic.

Today, after 33 years of teaching thinking and training teachers of thinking around the world, it is plain to me that there is a vast, virtually unlimited, number of ways of thinking ( for example, see this Wikipedia list).

There are not just 6 thinking hats, nor 60 thinking hats nor even 600 thinking hats, there are in fact many, many more … at least 6 billion thinking hats on Planet Earth!

To get you started, here are over 100 THINKTIPS reprinted from my book THE X10 MEMEPLEX: Multiply Your Business By Ten! (Prentice Hall 2000):

ESCAPE: How can I escape?
“Help! I’m trapped. How can I escape?” This is the cry of the thinker. Why? Because THE most difficult feat of thinking is to escape from your point-of-view. All of us are trapped in the special world we create for ourselves in our brain, our own unique viewpoint, our CVS. Your world and my world are different. You are trapped in your CVS as surely as I am trapped in my CVS.

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