This is a holiday long weekend in Australia. No work on Monday because it is Australia Day. We celebrate Australia. But, what is Australia?


Australia is a constitutional monarchy which was created by The Majority of Electors of 1900. They created The Governor-General as Head of State and The Queen as Sovereign.


200 years ago Napoleon’s master, Prince Talleyrand, said, “There is someone more intelligent than Voltaire, more powerful than the emperor–and that is the people.”

100 years later in 1900, this became true in Australia. Today, in 2009, it is still one of the enduring truths of our Commonwealth.

The Majority of Electors was the original power in 1900 that created The Constitution and is still, in 2009, the only power in Australia that can change The Constitution.

In contrast to other political realities like in Iraq, Afganistan, Zimbabwe or Fiji or even the Vatican, the USA, India and China, the fact is that the Electors of Australia have been able to hold, without interruption, the ultimate constitutional power in Australia for over a hundred years!

This continuous record of peoplepower and political stability is unprecedented in modern world history.

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One thought on “What is Australia?

  1. history of australia shows acknowlegement of people power as reason
    it being known as the clever country,[brain power]

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