The next Thinking Instuctors course starts on the 22nd of the month under the personal direction of Michael.

– To apply write to Michael by clicking here.

Michael originated the idea of training thinking instructors when he co-founded School of Thinking with Edward de Bono in 1979 in New York.

Edward was very keen on the ‘train-the-trainer’ idea and wrote to Michael from Cambridge (where he was a Professor of Investigative Medicine) saying, “I think your idea is brilliant! Training instructors has much more motivation” and so, after much discussion and planning, they decided to combine Michael’s CAP Train-the-trainer 6 principles with Edward’s CoRT Thinking syllabus and they started the School of Thinking on November 17, 1979 in New York.

The first intake for Thinking Instructors (TISOT) graduated in March 1980 in New York. One of the original graduates was Eric Bienstock who became the first Chief Instructor SOT and is now Vice Principal of the school.

In 1982, Michael and Edward co-authored the ‘Learn-To-Think Coursebook and Instructors Manual’ (Capra/New) which became a cover story on all global editions of Readers Digest, the world’s highest-circulation magazine and launched the biggest program in the world for teaching teachers-of-thinking.

SOT’s Brainpower Audit was designed by Dr Eric Bienstock who is Vice-Principal of SOT in New York. Eric based this checklist on the SOT’s ‘Learn-To-Think Coursebook and Instructors Manual.

To qualify as a Thinking Instructor you must have both your BCT Certificate and completed Advanced Leadership Training.

– To apply write to Michael by clicking here.

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  1. I register my interest to attend the next Thinking Instuctors course starting on the 22nd of the month under the personal direction of Michael

    I have completed BCT and requested forCertificate .Currently ,I am taking the Advanced Leadership Training.

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