The Biosciences Research Division (BRD) is celebrating its First Birthday!

School of Thinking has an academic association with BRD and is delighted to congratulate Professor German Spangenberg and his world class team of scientists and support staff for all they have achieved this past year.

First Year BRD highlights have included:

– the successful commissioning of the Biosciences Research Centre at Bundoora

– revenue attraction

– development of IP patents and

– over 200 scientific publications.

BRD is part of the Department of Primary Industries and is located at La Trobe University, Bundoora Campus.

VELS Thinking is part of the Victorian Educational Learning Standards (VELS) in the State of Victoria, Australia.

SOT supports the VELS Thinking approach to teaching thinking in Victorian schools which focuses on building skills in seven cognitive capacities: Reasoning, Processing, Inquiry, Creativity, Reflection, Evaluation, Metacognition.

Here are the VELS Thinking 7 links to wikipedia:

• Reasoning
• Processing
• Inquiry
• Creativity
• Reflection
• Evaluation
• Metacognition

Check out Metacognition first!

On Friday, Michael was invited by the Principal of Oakleigh Primary School, Cheryl Sanders, to conduct a training session on ‘teaching thinking skills’ for the teaching staff.

I haven’t seen the staff so attentive for a long time. Ten minutes and you had them eating out of your hand or ‘hey this is not another boring presenter’!! Thank you for these resources they will be well used. I am glad that you are able to visit again and build on what you started. We will all look forward to meeting up again“, wrote the Principal at the end of the program.


Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson was recently awarded the first Visiting Fellowhip in Innovation  Thinking by the Biosciences Research Division at La Trobe University.

Professor German Spangenberg, Executive Director, presented the academic award at a meeting of 60 top scientists from around Victoria at the John Scott Meeting House at La Trobe saying, “In the context of global competition and knowledge-based economies, innovation has become more and more mandatoy. Dr Hewitt-Gleeson will be conducting School of Thinking programs at BRD to help raise the innovation intelligence of our division”.


Michael is conducting a series of lectures for these scientists. The first two were:

Darwinian Thinking and the cvs2bvs Brain Software,


The GBB: Brain Software for going Beyond Critical Thinking.