When we first started teaching sports thinking to triathletes ten years ago there were those who thought we were being facetious if not downright oxymoronic. But, think about it!

Why should sports be protected from thinking?

“Sports and games are hurdling borders as never before, breeding fresh champions, creating new wealth and changing the lives of individuals and the destiny of nations” writes International Editor, Michael Elliott, in a Special Edition of Time magazine titled Games People Play.


He goes on to write about ‘Serious Fun’ and that, “In this Olympic Year, we chose as our topic the games people play, and the ways in which sports are an essential part of our humanity”.

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5 thoughts on “Sports Thinkers?

  1. i did my coaching training and regard as a responsibility to look after the people in my charge.

  2. Muhammed Ali, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Roger Federer etc….all equipped with superior necktop computers.

  3. Sports literally requires people to think on their feet – with hours of practice, repetition and rehersals behind them sports persons need to deliver outcomes in a fast changing environment.

  4. sport is an incredible medium for understanding many things about the self of which thinking is one part

  5. Research shows that those who have played sport in earlier years & particularly team sports do particularly well in later life, and why not – there is so much strategy (thinking), research (thinking) and practice to achieve – it’s all about Tenpower.

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