In 1982, Edward de Bono and I co-authored The Learn-To-Think Coursebook and Instructors Manual (1982 Capra New).


This book became the first textbook of the School of Thinking. It was designed for Thinking Instructors to teach seven lessons: PMI, CAF, C+S, AGO, FIP, APC and OPV.

One day, at The Players Club in Gramercy Park, New York, the distinguished American science writer, Morton Hunt, interviewed me about our coursebook for Readers Digest which he wrote up in an article called Seven Steps To Better Thinking.


This interview was arranged by Alex Noble of Santa Barbara who was also one of the founding directors of SOT.

In April 1983, Morton Hunt’s article was the cover story on all international editions of the Readers Digest. Today’s equivalent would be like being on OPRAH!


(L. US Edition. M. Close-up. R. US, French, Arabic Editions.)

As a result, these SOT lessons reached over 68 million readers worldwide. This was the widest ever broadcast of these SOT thinking skills.

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