David Long of Fairport Area Swim Team wrote this piece as a college admission essay, and plans on attending Colgate University.

Long’s piece, reprinted below, is about how swimming is a thinking man’s sport. It truly gives you time to contemplate your life while training.

My sport is thinking. Others go out to the baseball diamond, others to the track, and yet others to the basketball court; I go to the pool to swim and think. While my practice routine changes from day to day, the one common theme is thinking; thinking during the hour-long car ride into Fairport, thinking during the two hour practice, thinking on the way home, thinking at night in bed.

Don’t get me wrong; I certainly love the swimming and time with my friends, but …

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NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes have joined forces to discover nine of the smallest, faintest, most compact galaxies ever observed in the distant universe.

Blazing with the brilliance of millions of stars, each of the newly discovered galaxies is a hundred to a thousand times smaller than our Milky Way Galaxy.

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These are among the lowest mass galaxies ever directly observed in the early universe,” says Nor Pirzkal of the Space Telescope Science Institute and the European Space Agency in Baltimore, Md.

The conventional model for galaxy evolution predicts that small galaxies in the early universe evolved into the massive galaxies of today by coalescing.

These nine Lego-like “building block” galaxies initially detected by Hubble likely contributed to the construction of the universe as we know it.

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I got my first Mac in New York over 20 years ago the day it was released. I’ve been using Macs ever since and it has been one of the best thinking tools I’ve ever laid my hands on.

In 1995, I built and launched the world’s first internet school on my Mac and I still run on my trusty MacBook Pro.


So, Steve Jobs has just let the new Mac news out of the bag–MacBook Air–and I just can’t wait to “pinch, rotate and swipe” as soon as I can get my hands on one in a couple of weeks.

Bravo Steve and the gang!