kerrypacker2_narrowweb__300x426,0.jpg The cricket thinker, par excellance, was Kerry Packer.

Kerry Packer was the inventor of World Series Cricket which introduced innovations across the board in the equipment, the dress code and the Rules of the Game.

According to World Series Cricket legend, Max Walker, “Kerry was the King of Cricket Thinking!

The Packer-led escape from tradition became so successful, the whole world of cricket adopted it.

The Queen of Australia has given her Christmas Day Message on YouTube.

MTnew_commonwealth_austraila_intro.jpg Her Christmas Day message is posted on the popular video-sharing website for the first time as the 81-year-old British Sovereign, who is also Queen of Australia, historically (and stoically) continues to embrace advances in modern communications technology.

The message begins with footage from 1957 showing the Queen broadcasting on TV for the first time 50 years ago.

Now, the new royal link – – went live just after midnight and features both archive and recent footage of the Queen with plans to add new clips regularly.

The Queen begins by noting from her long experience that, “One of the features of growing old is a heightened awareness of change. To remember what happened 50 years ago means that it is possible to appreciate what has changed in the meantime. It also makes you aware of what has remained constant”.

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Is the glass half-full or half-empty?

The problem with this question is in the construction of the question. The question is set-up as two-box thinking rather than three-box, six-box or even ten-box thinking.

Right or wrong? Black or white? Yes or no? All examples of black hat, judgmental two-box thinking.

If you accepted the way the question has been put to you (and you don’t ever have to) and if you answered ‘half-empty’ you would be RIGHT but maybe not as effective as you could be.

Using the cvs2bvs algorithm you can escape from two-box thinking—change your perception from cvs to bvs—and always choose a better outcome.

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Yes, of course you’ve heard this before many times but it still applies to every single situation–many hundreds of them–that come your way every day of your conscious life.

Knowing this is not as important as actually doing it.

So, the important questions are:
How often each day can YOU use cvs2bvs?
How many times will you escape from YOUR
cvs today?
How can YOU use this today?

The Necker Cube is an ambiguous line drawing. It can be interpreted two different ways. When a person stares at the picture, it will often seem to flip back and forth between the two valid interpretations. The Necker Cube is an optical illusion first published in 1832 by Swiss crystallographer Louis Albert Necker.

Like the paradox of the “half-empty/half-full glass of water” the Necker Cube shows how human perception is multi-stable. It can change and be changed–it can flip/flop.

This also shows why the cvs2bvs brain software is so powerful in the human perception system because it can change, or flip, perception from one stable state to another stable state–on command!

Click through here to an interesting animated Necker Cube.