On November 17, 1979, at JFK International Airport the School of Thinking was born.

alternatives At that meeting I outlined my plan to Edward de Bono to create Thinking Instructors to teach thinking skills in schools, businesses and families around the world.

The School of Thinking–now based on the internet at http://www.schoolofthinking.org–is exporting Thinking Lessons from Australia to over 43 countries every day.

Over the past 28 years this idea has spread around the world and has now become the second largest program for the teaching of thinking in the world. The Vatican’s 500-year mission–exporting its own European thinking system know as logic–is still farandaway the largest program in history.

One thought on “Happy 28th Birthday SOT!

  1. Happy Birthday SOT, its great to hear that this program has last for such a time with insurmountable results. Congratulations to the Thinking Instructors.

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