TENPOWER: The Powers of Ten: Just ask the question: How can I X10 this?

Tenpower is a measurement tool. Measurement is a very important skill for the brainuser to develop. It’s also a big help in finding a way out of our CVS. For example, a BVS is a decimal of a CVS. A CVS is also a decimal of a BVS. In other words, they are related by powers of ten. Sometimes a BVS is ten times smaller than a CVS. Other times it is ten times greater.

The deliberate or habitual use of the number 10 is called Tenpower.

Ten times better may be ten times more, or ten times less, or ten units forward or ten units back. It’s the deliberate use of tenpower as a provocation to get you to escape from your CVS.

Tenpower helps you to switch patterns of perception. That’s all.

While it is not important that the number ten is accurately used, its use is a powerful escape mechanism.

images.jpgTenpower is simple and powerful but it’s not easy.

Just add a zero and take an X10 leap with tenpower!

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