“Creativity is the process of having original ideas, but there are several steps. The first step is imagination, the capacity that we all have to see something in the mind’s eye. Creativity is then using that imagination to solve problems — call it applied imagination. Then innovation is putting that creativity into practice as applied creativity.

There are several common misconceptions about creativity. The first is that people think that only SOME are creative. yet It’s in the nature of human beings that we ARE creative.

The second misconception is that creativity is about design and marketing. What the TED conference shows is that creativity is central to the practice of science and business and more. Creative initiatives should help you find what you are passionate about.

The third misconception is that you can’t do anything about it. Yes, you CAN cultivate creativity.”



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MELBOURNE: Saturday, 28 July 2007
The Saturday Age, MY CAREER section, Page 6

MARCELLA BIDINOST: The writings of Edward de Bono fascinated the young Michael Hewitt-Gleeson. Now, aged 60, he is principal of the School of Thinking, which he founded with de Bono …
hewittgleeson-michael.jpg I WAS halfway through a marketing degree at RMIT when, at the age of 20, I was called up for national service in Vietnam. I was sent on an amazing 22-week leadership training program in Scheyville (west of Sydney) in 1967. Tim Fischer, Jeff Kennett and head of natural health company Marcus Blackmore also did this training.

When I returned from Vietnam and while I was working part-time in the air force, an education officer gave me a book by Edward de Bono, author of Lateral Thinking . I started raving about it to everyone and when I learned de Bono was coming to Australia, I paid $500, a lot of money in 1973, to attend his seminar in Melbourne. By that point, I was hooked.

My idea was to combine the army training technology with De Bono’s CoRT syllabus for thinking.

I offered to work with de Bono free, so we met in New York and soon enough founded the School of Thinking together. I stayed in the States for 14 years.

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Blair to Branson, Gorbachev to Gerry Adams: many and varied are those who have sat at the feet of the lord of lateral thinking and pope of H+. Dave Waller tracked the philosopher/guru to his Maltese birthplace but found it an unsettling experience.


I had a meeting at the Russian Politburo once.’ Edward De Bono, the father of lateral thinking, is reminiscing. ‘The chairman of the foreign affairs bureau had my book on conflict resolution open on his desk. “This isn’t Gorbachev’s copy,” he said. “He’s got his own”.’ A senior politician later told Dr De Bono his work was required reading in the Kremlin. De Bono probably wasn’t too surprised about that: he’s used to moving in high places. After all, this is a man who dined and advised at Chequers with the Blairs.

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